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Christen N. JamesPublished on July 19, 2022

Did you wrap another week at the "grind to 5" feeling stuck and frustrated? You found yourself asking: "Why am I STILL here?"

You may think that it's FEAR holding you back from trying/doing something new, but the reality is that you might just be UNCLEAR on how, even where, to start. So... You don't.

While change is definitely terrifying (goes with the territory of leaving the "sure for unsure", so you justify inaction by saying that you're "waiting for the right time". You feel it's necessary to complete certain steps (but WHAT?) and then revisit the decision (but WHEN?).

Here are 5 questions to ask when you're trying to get CLEAR:

How do I FEEL about this?

  1. Why do I FEEL this way?

  2. How long have I FELT like this?

  3. How do I WANT to feel?

  4. What small step can I take to get there?

How you FEEL impacts what you THINK and ultimately what you will DO. Check in and HONOUR how you FEEL, which is what I stress while working through the Emotion into Motion Model - getting clear on the connection between your feelings and actions so that you can design the future that you want.

What small step are you willing to take to start FEELING better about how you spend your day?

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