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Cheryl Meyer
Cheryl MeyerPublished on May 30, 2022

One way or another, your health is going to pay for what you eat and put into your body.You have a choice. One way or another. You can choose the SAD (Standard American Diet) and CRAP (Carbonated, refined, artificial, processed) food, then you are feeding your body chemicals and not nutrition. Your body does as well as it can on this food, until it just can’t processes the chemicals any longer and your body begins to get out of balance and little idiosyncrasies begin to happen to your body.You wake up with brain fog and need a couple of cups of coffee to get jump started.You are puffy when you look in the mirror.You notice a little arthritis in your fingers, and it hurts to do certain activities.You start to have agita, gastric upset and go to the doctor looking for the “magic” pill so that you can continue to eat pizza and other things that upset your stomach.You are craving more and more sugar. Cookies and cakes call your name from the kitchen. Even when you are full, your body wants more. What’s that about?You don’t remember things as well anymore. Your moods go up and down and you start feeling blue more and more often.You skin starts to look aged, and you develop acne, eczema or psoriasis. You are tired all the time, so you are cancelling social activities and taking more naps. You aren’t sleeping well.Now you are dealing with more and more headaches.You know you are stressed; you snap at family and coworkers and your stress is getting worse and its harder to cope.You have body odor and keep changing deodorant because you need something stronger.Your head is itchy.Every time you go to the MD, you get prescribed a new pill, and yet they don’t really do the trick and your symptoms are lessened but not gone. You forget to share with him or her all the things going off in your body when you walk in the door, so you make a note to tell them about it next dr visit.You believe this is just all natural with age. Your parents started taking more and more pills as they aged, so you knew this day would come.

You expect to take lots of pills and for things to go wrong with your body.You don’t change anything about your lifestyle, so your symptoms begin to accumulate. New pills, not new eating or moving or stress control or sleeping. At least you don’t have to cook, you don’t have the energy for it anyway, so you grab a frozen entree for dinner and eat it in front of the tv, after an appetizer of chips and dips. Or you pick up food on the way home, so you don’t even have to use the microwave.You have gained weight. Your clothes don’t fit any more. You try a New York Best Seller diet, and lose for a while, but then you gain it all back.You struggle with high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. Your blood sugar gets wonky. You try to cut down on sweet treats but just one won’t hurt you, will it?You are constipated all the time, or you have the runs. Or you go back and forth. More pills to alleviate the problem. Never leave home without them.Your body hurts.Your hair doesn’t’ behave any more.You are using air fresheners and perfumes to make everything smell better.You are buying cleaning supplies from the grocer, but they start to make you get a rash when you use them, but what to do? You must clean your house.You use pods in your dishwasher or your clothes washer, and then use a dryer sheet in your dryer, but you notice you are getting rashes and don’t know why.You are moving less and less because it hurts. You hurt.In fact, your feel lousy all the time. When did that start to happen?You are headed towards a Standard American Disease, because of your Standard American Diet. and your toxic lifestyle habits.

If you choose the other direction, you start to eat whole fruits and veggies. You read up on why it’s important to eat them organic, because you don’t need all of the pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on your food.You cook. You discover it’s not hard to wash your produce and cook it yourself. At first it doesn’t taste as good to you as eating that frozen entree, or casserole made from a box, but the more you do it you get a rhythm. and it’s easier and tastier to do it.You start to enjoy making your own food and eating it. You find new ways to shop and buy healthy food. You find new uncomplicated recipes to cook in the kitchen. Its starting to get fun. You are on a new eating adventure of cooking and eating.You are reading labels on all the products that you purchase. If there are words on the label that you don’t know what they are or can’t pronounce, you put them back on the shelf. You know you don’t want those chemicals in your food or in your other products so you find other ways to do things without all those chemicals..Your moods begin to rise. You have a bounce in your step again.

You learn breathing exercises to alleviate the stress. You do them twice a day. You have less anxiety and are happier.You get into nature on the weekends. It feels go great to be outdoors and to notice and the wonder in your environment. When you return home, you feel refreshed. You have joy again.You are sleeping better. You do breathing exercises when you first climb in so that you fall asleep more quickly and more deeply.You change shampoo and body products to low toxin varieties. You no longer have an itchy head. You start to get less rashes. Your skin starts to look better.Although you still drink coffee or tea, its not a do or die to get going in the AM. And you have switched to organic coffee so you know you have eliminated the toxins you were getting in that cup you were picking up on the way to work.You take your own water with you from a filtered system in your kitchen and you put it into your own stainless-steel bottles.

No more plastic bottles for you. Why were you paying 1200 times more for that water all those years?When you want to eat something sweet, you grab berries from your fridge now. The organic berries you buy taste wonderful. And later today you are going to enjoy that organic peach you bought at the farmer’s market. And you know it will be yummy.

You want a cookie, so you make a batch from scratch using almond flour and coconut sugar. Other cookies and cakes now taste too sweet. These are perfect. Best of all, you can eat one or two and then put the rest away or even in the freezer for another time. You are satisfied.You look better. Your brain is clearer. Its easier to reason things out. You realize how much better you feel. Your blood pressure is lower, your cholesterol has dropped, your triglycerides are under control.You have entered the organic zone and it feels good to feel good. You find ways to keep that going, you aren’t going back. People are complimenting you on how great you look and you share with them you also feel great. Its worth it.Which direction do you want to choose? It is a choice, and you control so much more than you ever realized. Lifestyle habits and what you eat directly impact the quality of your life. Choose wisely.

Every decision you make today will impact your future health, and you are worth it.

I have 2 courses so that you can learn how to move towards the healthier destination.  You can lose the weight and break your addiction to the sugar and chemicals first and then learn how to buy organic, get the best most succulent one, how to choose it, wash it, store it make it last.  How to prepare it.  Everything you need to learn about your food so that it nourishes your body and keeps you young and vibrant.How do you want to feel when you wake up tomorrow, or next week or next month or next year?  Start today.

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