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Chengeer Lee

Chengeer Lee
Toronto, ON, Canada

I build teams and I build people.

By day, building teams at CaseWare International 🚀

In my free time, you can find me:

🧠 coaching people

🤝 helping business owners build high-functioning teams

✍️ creating content

As a Career Coach, I am here to help you get more interviews and convert them into offers.

Why me?

The choice to work with me is yours, all I can do is share some of my results.

• As a Job Developer, I have placed 25 people with significant barriers to employment in highly-reputable organizations.

• As a Talent Acquisition Partner, I have placed 60+ people in the last 14 months. I can give you an insight into the industry and help you to understand what hiring managers are really looking for.

• As a Content Creator, I went from 0 to 10k connections and winning Best Talent Voices 2021 on LinkedIn in under 2 years. I can help you to establish and take full control of your personal brand.

• As a Communication Coach, I helped 80+ professionals to create amazing opportunities, maximize their career potential, and build better relationships not just in their careers but in their personal lives too.

• My approach to Career Coaching is holistic. We will look into how all aspects of your life integrate with each other: spiritual intelligence, self-discipline, relationships, mindsets, and health.

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