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Veronica wells
Marietta, GA, USA

From a young age, I have had a passion for ALL things food. My love for cooking started with my southern roots. Family gatherings have always revolved around cooking.

After early years of exploring the kitchen, I would eventually turn my passion into a career. I absorbed so many amazing techniques to prepare for a world-class culinary career. While working in catering and numerous fine dining restaurants, like Affairs to Remember, Twist, and St. Cecilia under culinary genius Chef Ford Fry whose restaurants include The Optimist and JCT Kitchen, to name a few, I decided to venture off into a new field to focus on healthy cuisines. Once that decision had been made, The Piedmont at Buckhead recruited me after a patron of St. Cecilia quickly took note of my skills. After a few years, I then made the decision of "Personal Cheffing," where my goal was to create healthy and affordable cuisines in the home.

My focus on special diets has been a natural progression. I have spent much time taking classes and reading materials related to diet and health. I have worked with clients who have had Multiple Food Allergies, Parkinson's Disease, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and Diabetes, to name a few. As I work with a client, I also educate them on healthy cooking. They soon start learning how to incorporate nutritious foods into everyday life.

My personal commitment to my business and clients is to continue to learn and study about the relationship between food, health, and nutrition. I find these subjects fascinating, to say the least. You can taste the strong passion and commitment in the meals I prepare for my clients to let them know they can maintain vibrant health without skipping on 5-star taste.

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