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New Year’s Eve

Cathy McIntosh
Cathy McIntoshPublished on August 08, 2022

Another year has come to a close, for me it’s a time of reflection and introspection. What were my goals at the beginning of 2018? What was my vision for my business for me personally? Did I achieve all I wanted to? Why do I feel like I failed, that I did not accomplish much of anything? Does any of this sound familiar? If so I invite you to write down your goals, they can be business, personal or both at the beginning of the year and then review them on New Year’s Eve.  This exercise can be very enlightening, you will find you have done more than what appears on the surface, that you have made momentum and are well on your way to reaching that goal.

Way to go!

We get so caught up in the negative and details comparing ourselves to others thinking we don’t have what it takes to succeed, conveniently forgetting the successes. Our sights are set on the final destination whether it be a successful business venture, personal wellness goal that we overlook the importance of the journey. If we immediately arrived at our chosen destination we would miss so much along the way, the life lessons, the challenges we have faced and overcome, the personal growth that has taken place, the new connections we have made, and the new skills we have developed.

Prior to reviewing my 2018 vision plan, I felt like I didn’t accomplish all I wanted to, that perhaps I had set my sights too high and made a mistake in my new chosen career path.  BUT once I took time to read through my plan and take note of my successes versus what some may call failures, I prefer challenges, I soon realized I had come along way and I did, in fact, accomplish the bulk of what I had laid out for myself. Yes, I would like to have been further along, but it comes down to one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint to your end goal.

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Some questions to ponder as you head into 2019…

Where do you see yourself in 3 months/6months/12 months?

What steps do you need to take to reach that goal or goals?

Who is your support team?

What is one thing you can do today to begin working towards that goal?

Remember baby steps….enjoy the journey.

“Following a dream no matter if it is reached or not will help you in just about every aspect of your life from career to your personal life. The dream is your vision and your vision is the force that pulls you closer to your small, mid, and large goals.”  – Randy Parson

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