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Candles by Ari

July Candles all about love

Ari Mc Intyre
Ari Mc IntyrePublished on July 04, 2022

Hello Greetings and Salutaions,

Happy 4th of July!

For this months candle set we have a new fragrance called Love Potion. I created this fragrance because it reminds me of a wedding that I went to as a child. This wedding was full of love and you could feel it in the air. In this lifetime, faking true love never ends well so this inspired me to create this set. I create affirmation aromatherapy candles to build that wall of peace of mind. I found this scent goes well with the color of Hot Pink and I topped in color of white along with a very familiar scent-Exciting Vanilla.

You have got to try it. These two combos along with a special affirmation will have you feeling very loved on the inside.

Just a little tip:

See the lady below. She's a client who takes her candles with her when she travels.

That's the beutiful part about these affirmation aromatherapy candles they go everywhere you go! Keep a little bottle of peace with you all day and all nite.

Peace if priceless and so is your mental well being. Invest in yourself get started to day at for only $49.99 including S&H!

Love and Light,

Spiritual Coach Ari Mac

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