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Canada Personalized Gifts

We're excited to announce our Personalized Gift plans!

Fay Livingston
Fay LivingstonPublished on May 06, 2022

Hello community!

We're ecstatic to announce our new Subscription Plans. We had your family in mind when we designed our ongoing memberships, bi-annual personalized books and music. 

Canada Personalized Gifts Subscription Plans

Personalized Music Plan - 2 Digital Albums Per Year

$15.99 /(6 months)

Personalized Music Plan - 2 CD Albums Per Year

$20.99 /(6 months)

Personalized Library Plan - 2 Books Per Year

$24.99 /(6 months)

By subscribing you save + you can cancel anytime! These plans make perfect gifts.

We can't wait to be a part of your lives, regularly. :)

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