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Aging with Grace

Bridgette Shaw-Bane
Calgary, AB, Canada

My mom was sick most of my life, and she taught me at a very young age that we need to take the reins with our health. She used a blend of Eastern and Western medicine to support her, and she taught me to be my own advocate for my health. I suffered for years with severe PMS that only worsened, and I thought I was going into early menopause. I didn't know what perimenopause was at the time or that I was in it, and I was suffering from about 30 symptoms. Within a week of practicing HYT, I began noticing things changing, and it only improved. My mental health improved along with my physical health, and I felt more like myself than I had in years.

I want women to learn how to take the reins of their health as they age. We don't have a lot of support of information out there as a regular part of the conversation, and that needs to change.

Hearing from the women I've worked with about how their lives have improved, how they feel like themselves again, how they don't feel crazy, and the sense of community and support keeps me motivated to keep going each day.

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