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Brenda Hung

Hi, I’m Brenda! I’m an intuitive sound therapist and mindfulness meditation teacher. My own healing journey started in my early 20s when I realized that I was constantly burnt out and struggled a lot with anxiety and self-doubt. After deciding to give meditation a try, I realized just how disconnected I was from feeling present and living a more joyful life and began a path of deepening my own practice by getting certified in yoga, meditation, and sound therapy. These practices have helped me gain new perspectives in my life and it is my deepest intention to guide and support others in navigating their own healing journey and to feel more at home in themselves. ​

My inspiration for creating an online membership community is to make sound therapy and mindfulness practices more accessible and to offer flexible options to experience personalized meditations and content exploring topics such as deep relaxation, grounding, and intuitive healing. As a subscriber, you’ll also be able to recommend workshop and meditation themes and topics, receive monthly bonus perks, and engage with a community of like-hearted individuals. 

I hope you'll join my community and I look forward to connecting, supporting, and growing with you!

Certifications: 300 HR TT in mindfulness meditation from MNDFL NYC, Sound Therapy Practitioner Certifications from Open Center’s Integrative Sound and Music Institute, the Resonant Alchemy Healing Sound Arts program with Kalee Coombs, and The Woom Center in New York, NY, 200 HR YTT from Savasana Station NY, NY, Reiki and Chakra Healing from the Art of Energy Healing School with Suzy Meszoly in NY

Sending love,​ Brenda

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