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Business is in the transitions...

Madelaine Golec
Madelaine GolecPublished on June 23, 2022

Bruce Feiler said “Life is in the transitions”

We start at a new beginning, there is a messy middle and a long goodbye.

Isn’t business all about starting, adding new products/services, growing/failing in the middle and in the end saying goodbye as we pass on the reins.

How do we navigate these transitions so that no matter if it’s up or down you feel connected to self and your purpose. We all need tools, resources, and a community to support us on your entrepreneurial journey. We do the individual deep work and then there is work to be done as a group. Not everything can be regulated and healed alone, we need other people.

We have a biological imperative for connection and why not connect with others that are also navigating entrepreneurship?

Being a business owner, CEO, entrepreneur can be lonely and many won’tunderstand what we have to go through.

And then, how might we operate from a new paradigm which is moving away from intellect alone, from the hustle no matter what to a paradigm of business as healer, business that is soul and heart centered, where we include all of our intellects to create a better future for ourselves, our friends/family, the next generation and the planet as a whole.

If you are interested in exploring these ideas and ways of doing business, then this is the mastermind circle you have been looking for.

Join the waitlist to be part of the group, launching this fall.


Madelaine, Somatic Business Coach

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