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MISSIO, Ólafur Arnalds, Loscil, HEALTH

Bora Celik
Bora CelikPublished on November 10, 2020

This week I picked two bangers and two super chill albums.

MISSIO - Can You Feel The Sun (Apple Music | Spotify)

We know one thing, MISSIO doesn't play when it comes to recruiting top talent to work with, especially from the hip-hop community. Simply put, Can You Feel the Sun may be MISSIO's best release to date, though it is hard to compare them. Despite this, Can You Feel the Sun has emerged from a crowded field into one of the frontrunners for 2020's album of the year. What's evidently clear is that MISSIO are among the best artists in the alt community and if you haven't stood up and taken notice, you need to. -Altrevue


Ólafur Arnalds - some kind of peace (Apple Music | Spotify)

'some kind of peace' is an album of sparkling sincerity. It offers solace to the isolated, welcoming arms to the world-weary, and, above all, creates hope for the future. It’s a romantic album in a way that Arnalds most recent work would have almost turned its nose up at. 'Re:member' his record from 2018, was equally-sublime, yet felt more distant, more happily alone, more ambivalent to such sentimentalities as the human spirit. - Clash Music


Loscil - coast/range/arc// (Apple Music | Spotify)

Loscil’s coast/range/arc// is the kind of ambient album best enjoyed sedentary, something you put on when you don’t really want to engage with music but would benefit from something vaguely perceptible tickling the back of your brain. It’s something you sink back into or suspend yourself in, not a place to wander through and get lost. -Spectrum Culture


HEALTH - DISCO4 :: PART I (Apple Music | Spotify)

We’re looking at a band working with a motley collection of rappers, noise-punks, electronic types, and indie rockers, making the album over years. But DISCO4 still all works as one heavy slab of seething, undulating dread. It’s great ominous-sweater-weather music. -Stereogum

Hope you enjoy!


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