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Bonding Over Business

You're not in this alone!

Lena Gosik-Wolfe
Lena Gosik-WolfePublished on August 17, 2022

We met in the wild world of online entrepreneurship, and while we were at first just friends within a business networking group, the bond we developed together went way beyond. Now we're like sisters—and this membership community is where we get to share that sisterhood with you.

We wanted to create something to help other women make real connections with people who understand what they're going through—not just networking events where you exchange business cards and never see each other again. A place where we could help one another succeed because that's what everyone needs—a good friend who will sit with you and talk through your challenges or cheer you on while you take on new projects, someone who will hold your hand when you feel like quitting but will also tell you it's okay if it's not working out. We want that for all of our members, because "joys shared are doubled and worries shared are halved"!

We would love to have you join us (and bring a friend too)! We can't wait to meet you.

Danielle & Lena

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