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Bonding Over Business

Lena Gosik-Wolfe
Cape Coral, FL, USA

Connection beyond networking: we offer a place to share your challenges and triumphs with a network of women who understand the ups and downs that come with working for yourself.

If you’re ready for powerful networking and open conversation with other like-minded women who know what it's like to be an entrepreneur, join us.

We’ve created a place where you can share your experiences, get advice from those who are a step ahead, or just spill the tea on all you've got going on - let’s talk things out!

Founders Danielle and Lena met inside of a women’s networking group and became instant business besties! They realized the value of having each other to lean on for support and want to bring the energy of connection, compassion, community, and celebration to more women in the online space. Because they learned that joys shared are doubled and worries shared are halved!

From Bonding Over Business member, Toni,

"I was first attracted to Bonding Over Business because I knew the group was going to cover more than just “Here’s your strategy of the week.” We get deep - particularly if you attend live and participate. By deep I mean, your mindset is addressed. Of all the topics covered in Bonding Over Business, the mindset piece is what has helped me to the most. We hold space for each other to share our obstacles. We call each other out. We support each other. I have personally found clarity on my social media marketing, how to handle in-person interactions, and what to do about mind drama that is preventing me from taking action. I’ve also worked with multiple members outside of the weekly calls to further progress in my business. We’re here for each other – willing and able to help. I could not ask for a better group of women to be a part of. If you’re looking for something deeper than a cheer squad you can find in a Facebook Group then you’re in the right place."

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