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Bobbi Jo Brooks Fine Art and Photography LLC

Bobbi Jo Brooks
Dalton, GA, USA

Seeking beauty, preserving memories.

In 2004, I was a social worker for teen convicts, feeling overwhelmed by the darkness I was seeing in my job and in the world at large. Needing a way to process all this chaos and pain, I picked up my roommate’s camera and began searching for beauty. Little did I know how much that healing, the creative act would change my life.

Fast forward to today: I am a Lifestyle Portrait and Personal Branding Photographer and occasional wedding photographer; I’ve expanded to many media, including watercolor, acrylic, and installation art; and my work has been exhibited in the Green Hill Gallery and Art Kreuzburg in Berlin, Germany, Gallery 1740 Atlanta and accepted into a show at the Beijing Contemporary Art Museum.

My experience as a social worker developed my ability to truly see people, make connections, and capture their stories and personalities with accuracy and compassion. My work invites the viewer to pause, turn down the volume, and recognize our humanity and fragility in fleeting moments.

I enjoy nothing more than capturing the love and beauty that exist within families. Connecting with children, helping them relax and shine in front of the camera, and capturing each individual’s personality fills me with joy. No family is too much for me; I approach every session like a gathering of friends, laid-back and full of fun. I am also deeply passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs and in the process of developing and expanding my Lifestyle Personal Branding photography services.

In our fast-paced age, beauty is underappreciated, and memories are quickly forgotten. The world keeps spinning, but by slowing down just a little, you can hold onto those memories forever.  Let me help you preserve those precious moments while they last, adding beauty to your life just where you need it most.

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