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Jenay Aiksnoras
Lake Tahoe, United States

Experience Bliss in Lake Tahoe. We're your guides for outdoor and Self exploration. Allow us to curate and customize your wellbeing experience.

Jenay Aiksnoras, E-RYT500, M.S. Counseling has been teaching Yoga since 2005.​ She has combined the knowledge that she has gained through her own practice of Yoga, guiding others, and study to create Lake Tahoe Yoga, Bliss Experiences and Realignment Coaching.

Countless participants have realized their individual value and developed an appreciation for a connection to nature after attending the experiences offered at Bliss. From Forest Bathing to wine tasting, Reiki healing and astrology readings, everyone can explore their own nature and reconnect with themselves at Bliss Experiences.

Jenay draws upon her skills of body reading informed by a depth of knowledge of Physiology and Anatomy, developed over time, including a breadth of wisdom in the areas of physical movement and sequencing as well as a love for the outdoors.  She is fully invested in each individual, demonstrating sincere interest in understanding physical, energetic and emotional needs.  Through conversation, devoted support, engaged awareness, and reassessment, she will guide you toward a lifestyle in which you feel knowledgeable, skilled, talented, beautiful, graceful, strong, powerful and in control.

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