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Master Anger

Blane Després
British Columbia, Canada

I coach primarily men with anger and/or purpose issues, even when they're not aware of them or that they're issues. To see transformations in people is part of what wakes me up in the morning and keeps me going. I know anger and purpose change first-hand. So do my family and friends. Freedom from anger, and a big picture focused purpose are achievable.

I taught for many years in public and private schools and university (PhD Curriculum & Instruction, applied Systems Thinking), published, designed and built houses, completed renovations, consulted internationally on education and business, owned a Master Franchise, and developed software for decision-making and consulting based on a mix of Systems Thinking, behaviour, indigenous practice, philosophy and faith.

I teach on philosophy, theology and life purpose, play guitar and bass, like to sing, ride motorcycles. I’m married (30+ years) with two adult children. Architecture, design, art, jazz, guitar, writing, fine wine and food and scotch, motorcycle travel, teaching adults, willingness to listen and learn, thoughtful living, caring for others, and stimulating conversation capture my attention.

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