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Cassandre Dunbar
Cassandre DunbarPublished on February 22, 2022

Hey Sis!

I'm so glad you're here!

The Inner Circle is something that I've been dreaming of for a while now. A safe space that's relatable, community-centric, and dedicated to providing tools and resources to make your wellness journey authentic to you. After months of deliberating, studying, and planning; I've decided to stop dreaming about it and to step out in faith that the Be Well, Sis tribe would be just as excited as I am.

Wellness, and life, can be isolating. There are a million different voices in the wellness space all vying for our attention and it can be stressful navigating through it all. The goal for the Inner Circle is to make navigating your wellness less overwhelming, personal, and more fun by harnessing the power of community.

I have great programming planned and am excited to share them with you. From guest-led workshops to members-only events, I'm confident that the Inner Circle will be the community you've been waiting for.

With love,


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