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The Better Sleep Sanctuary

Lauren Duffell

The Better Sleep Sanctuary is about creating more reliable, better quality sleep and enjoying it! Your host is Lauren Duffell, Certified Sleep Science Coach who has been working with clients on sleep improvement since 2018.

Welcome! This offers monthly learning and lifestyle support, stress reduction techniques, a monthly group call for education, Q&A and the monthly challenge.

Who is this for: adults who want to learn to create better sleep for themselves and their family members for the rest of their lives. This group is not for babies' sleep, although some content will include family dynamics for sleep as well and info for sleep at different ages. This is not the specific support needed to overcome insomnia; however, I do offer that here.

Outcome: create the sleep you desire through education, changes to your environment, changes to your habits and improved stress reduction. It gives you resources that you can enjoy and benefit from : )

Lauren's interest in sleep health began when she developed insomnia, which persisted for 5 years! She left her career to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at a leading-edge Naturopathic Clinic. Hearing so many many sleep-related nutrition questions, she pursued her certification in sleep science coaching and a course in cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia. She uses proven stress reduction techniques, habit changes, environment changes and education to offer impactful science-based sleep support boosted my self love.

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