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Better Diabetes Life

Patricia Daiker
Coppell, TX, USA

I have been an RN since 1985 and developed Type 1 Diabetes in 1991. Despite my clinical knowledge and expertise, I still struggled. Medical facts just weren't enough. What I came to realize is that my coping skills were my problem. I avoided hard things, and diabetes really doesn't like being avoided! By working on new Life Skills, I was able to navigate the ups and downs of diabetes and stop hating myself for not being perfect. I found acceptance, and that is a place where real healing and health happen.

I started blogging and offering to tell people what I had discovered, and heads started nodding. "Yes! What you are saying is true, necessary, and sorely lacking". It is my joy when a client has an "Aha" moment! "That makes so much sense! OMG, no one told me that before! I didn't realize I was even thinking that way!" And from that day on, they are forever changed. You can never "unlearn" some of these skills. A shift happens, things get easier, and new ideas are birthed. They have arrived! Their health just got a little bit "Better." And we keep going from there.

I am the owner and founder of Better Diabetes Life. A company that provides support and services for all people living with diabetes. I am a Registered Nurse and one of just over 500 Board Certified Nurse Coaches. Nearly one-third of Americans have some form of diabetes, and that number is growing. My programs offer a holistic approach that includes all aspects of self - body/mind/spirit.

Just knowing what to do is not enough; for people to change their lifestyle, they need to understand what is keeping them from their best and tackle the root cause. Typically it is rooted in grief, fear, shame, and guilt, but no one helps you with that. Willpower is not a good long-term strategy, but that is pretty much what our medical systems offer with dismal results.

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