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I am Excited to Announce!

Jim Taylor
Jim TaylorPublished on April 05, 2022

Hi industry friends,

After years of working in a leadership + strategic role with Cactus Club restaurants, I launched BenchmarkSixty, (check us HERE) and began working with restaurant owners and hospitality operators around the world. We work on a financial optimization strategy designed to dramatically increase profit margins by understanding data, implementing benchmarks, and using metrics to improve productivity. 

Basically, we are a "data coaching" service for restaurants... because nobody likes the term "consultant" 😂

Now, we help restaurateurs improve labor, retention, pricing and profit strategies.

👉 Have a look.

After helping over 200 restaurants succeed last year alone, and by listening to the food and bev industry and collecting feedback, I've designed three ongoing subscription plans (where you have access to me directly + important content) at affordable prices to be available to work with more people. 

A 1 on 1 consulting subscription and a content-based subscription for restaurant pros are now live.

Please go check them out, get involved in the one that makes the most sense for your business + let's work together to improve the industry we love so much.

You'll also notice a waitlist for a group subscription plan. If it is of interest to you, please join the waitlist and answer the survey questions! You'll be the first to hear when that one goes live. 

And there is only so much space available...

Let's get the restaurant business thriving, not only surviving, after the pandemic and forever. 

See you soon.


Here we go!

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