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Health Update! (I'll be back soon!)

Frankie Cote
Frankie CotePublished on December 19, 2023

Fellow Inner Adventurers,

I hope you're well!

As you may have guessed, given my absence since my last update, I tested positive for Covid and have been resting up. Since my recent bout of shingles, my body is asking me for a little extra care and attention. And whilst I haven't always found it easy to slow down and rest, I'm honoured to have the opportunity to care for myself in this way.

Times like these are an opportunity to show ourselves patience, kindness and to not hold on to how we think life should be. Life works in mysterious ways, and whilst not all experiences are easy, or pleasant, all can be used as the spiritual yoga that brings us home to love.

I really appreciate your patience and look forward to being back soon with new episodes. I love creating this content for you. I really enjoy our time together.

Thanks for everything,

Speak soon,


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