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Britney Johnson
Olympia, WA, USA

I prepare homeowners for the interior design and construction process so you can create the home of your dreams with ease and confidence.

Designing and building a home is a big deal, let's acknowledge that right now! There are an overwhelming amount of decisions to be made and significant sums of money to be spent on a space that will literally shape the way you live yor life.

Not to mention the anxiety of what everyone things, the onslaught of advice from overly helpful friends, the unreal expectations set by reality shows and the general uncertainty of construction. Your dream can quickly become a nightmare.

Help is here! With over 13 years of experience as an interior designer, I have worked on projects in every sector, with budgets in the millions, celebrity clients and big name corporations but I am most proud of the people I have helped, predominately woman, find their voices in the construction process and own their style.

I have mastered the building process and have learned the secrets to creating a truly authentic home. I am beyond happy with my process and want to share it with the world. Let me give you all the tools you need to design your dream home and live the life you have always wanted!

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