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You have to Unlearn to Relearn! Here's what I mean...

Avalaura Gaither
Avalaura GaitherPublished on October 11, 2022

As a high achieving, accomplished woman, it’s crucial to Unlearn to Relearn. 🌟

Im sure you've heard this before, but let me tell you why this is true.

Imagine FINALLY deciding to focus on loving you and really working on being the best version of yourself..🤔

But deep down, youre still holding onto old traumas and memories.

The memories hold you back…

The memories keep you in fear and dont allow you to feel your success…

The traumas have your mind spinning with thoughts of everything that can go wrong, because that’s what you’re used to…

Because of all of this you CAN’T permanently change, even though you want to!🙅🏻‍♀️

That’s why it’s so important to deconstruct and discreate the old beliefs you’re mind keeps replaying like a broken record. 👈🏻

Deconstructing your old, toxic, limiting beliefs is one of the first steps to permanent behavioral change.✅

But here’s the cool thing…once you’ve cleared your limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, you can now create a new foundation. We call this tabula rasa or clean slate. 

This is how the inner healing work we do finally sticks and you feel the changes immediately ❤️


You manifest your goals with ease..

You become the best version of yourself..

You feel at peace, practice self care and embody bliss..

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