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Avalaura Gaither

Woohooooo Black Women Leave America Coming Soon!

Avalaura Gaither
Avalaura GaitherPublished on October 28, 2022

It's official! Season 2 is launching on November 18th! We're highlighting the stories of black women who have moved outside of the US for their peace of mind and to live life on their own terms.

Here's how you can help us!

1. Subscribe, like, comment and share season 1 here:

2. Sponsor one or more of our episodes. Sponsors will have their logo and a link to their website included in the podcast's show notes, as well as a commercial break on the podcast. and one more guest! Additionally, you help make it possible for us to continue to share Black Women's stories! Email us for more info at

3. Suggest women who would make great guests! Feel free to share this info or send me their information at

These women's stories are soooo inspiring!

Thank You!

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