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Avalaura Gaither

The real truth about your self care

Avalaura Gaither
Avalaura GaitherPublished on October 03, 2022

To be WHOLE we must affirm ourselves and our worth in a world that doesn’t see it. 

*SPOILER: Your 90 minutes ticket to real self-care*🤩

Here’s what I know… you’ve checked off your list of goals and accomplished many milestones in your life, but those milestones are worthwhile only when YOU feel peaceful, worthy and happy! Otherwise you still feel worthless.  

Without soulful selfcare your success becomes shallow! But YOU deserve to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. You deserve to feel bliss, be at peace and be whole. 🌻

You must trust your intuitive voice that screams “This is what my soul needs.” Instead of listening to your ego that nags away at you telling you to go after the things that aren’t important or out of alignment with your truth. 

Self-care doesn’t feel empty. Self care is defining, affirming and PRACTICING your own value on your own terms. Many times a ‘NO’ to someone or something else is a ‘YES’ to your truth.❤️

The first word in self care is SELF. It’s time to think about self-care in ways you haven’t before and get to the deeper meaning because It is all about YOU.💁🏻‍♀️ You’re the only one holding you back and you are the only one that has the power to move you forward! 

But here’s the thing…you don’t have to move the whole mountain, to move forward. And I wanna help you find this path by guiding you personally.🥰

I’m holding a MASTERCLASS for you, for your soul that’s crying out to share with you how you can access the depths of soulful self-care and become the best version of yourself! The person you’ve always wanted to be, but couldn't figure out how. ✨

The invitation is here, you decide if you are worthy of this experience. But make sure its your soul deciding and not your ego. Register now here.

And don’t let not being able to attend live, be an excuse. When you register, you’ll get the replay as well and can ask me any questions you have. 

Let’s invoke the superior version of YOU.🎯

We can do it together!

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