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Embodied in Color conference...join me!

Avalaura Gaither
Avalaura GaitherPublished on December 02, 2022

Embodied in Color Conference 2022 is a vision created by two BIPOC women-led organizations to reclaim what mental health and wellness means for BIPOC clinicians. 

Through this conference, we hope to showcase a wide variety of healing practices rooted in the traditional wisdom of different cultural backgrounds.

All workshops are created and led by BIPOC providers, for BIPOC providers. This will be an experiential safe space for BIPOC providers to engage, share, and heal in community.

While we anticipate the conference will be a welcome reprieve for BIPOC providers to enjoy a deep healing experience for themselves, it is our hope that the experience will endure beyond the conference itself into your healing relationships.

When healers learn to care for themselves, they will have the capacity to create a much more powerful impact on their communities.

The conference will be on Dec 17 & 18 2023. Ill be teaching you about Reiki on Dec 17th! Register to join us now here!

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