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You As The Attractive Character in Your Brand Story

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on August 22, 2022

For as long as I can remember, I have been an avid reader.

Some of my best memories are associated with trips to the public library and returning home with an armful of new books to read.

So it’s not surprising that I met my memorable attractive character through reading.

Not only did Commander James Bond, CMG, RNVR, add to the fun of my high school years, he helped me through my university and law school exams.

No, he didn’t give me a licence to kill the exams. Nor was he the inspiration for thepost-exam martini, shaken not stirred.

Whenever there was a break of at least a day between exams, my practice was to devour a new James Bond novel. 

With the advantage of hindsight, it seems to me that this was kinda like resetting my brain, clearing the material for the exam recently completed, making room forthe next exam.

There was probably also the added value of temporarily suspending belief, escaping the customary exam-time stress and hype.

When James Bond moved to movies and from there to videos, like millions of other fans worldwide, I followed.

In my mind Sean Connery is and always will be James Bond. 

But that’s another story for another time.  It really didn’t matter which actor was playing the role. James Bond is James Bond … and as such he demonstrates the exceptional value generated by an attractive character.

From Entertainment To Business

Not surprisingly, the concept of attractive character as an essential successfactor applies equally to businesses like yours and mine.

Russell Brunson, a truly attractive character in his own right, explains:

“ …a few years ago, I started teaching this concept of Attractive Character.  The students who implemented [this concept] have totally transformed their businesses. 
All of the major success stories from any of our coaching programs got
results by building huge brands and platforms around an Attractive Character.
“This concept can make the difference between making one thousand dollars a month and making one hundred thousand a month. How attractive are you? How interesting are you? Why would someone tune in to watch a TV special about you? You might be thinking, But I’m not that interesting.
I promise that I didn’t feel that interesting when I first started out either.
But of you find ways to share your backstory, you can make it compelling and
people will follow you because of a personal connection.”

What Events In Your Past Shape How You Help Clients?

Your backstory is a very short version of your history.

It’s the combination of your personal skills, training, education and formativeexperiences that define who you are and how you help clients.

What could explain the way you are now?

For example, if you are a great problem-solver, what past experiences could haveshaped this approach to life?

Once you have an idea of the earlier experiences that define and influence you andyour service, you can use these ideas to craft your backstory.

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