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What's The Most Common Challenge Of Marketing Services?

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on August 02, 2022

From the very first time that professionals recognized the need to market their services, there has been one specific issue that has caused problems for many of us.

Throughout my career of more than 45 years, I have had to address this issue, regardless of the nature of the service that I provided: legal, consulting, writing, coaching or training.

During this time, I have also witnessed and assisted clients with their struggles with this challenge.

The most likely explanation for why many professionals struggle with marketing is the fact that marketing services is dramatically different from marketing tangible goods and products. 

But that’s another story for another time.

Based on your experience, which of the following marketing challenges do you believe is most common for professionals like you?


In a noisy, crowded marketplace, it can be both costly and  problematic to get your message to the potential clients who need to know about your service. 

Too much of the wrong kind of promotion can appear to be shameless self-promotion. 

Not enough or ineffective promotion can be little more than a waste of money.

Difficult To Find Clients

Given your professional know-how and personal qualities there are oodles of potential clients who would benefit from your help…if only you could find them and tell them how you can help them.

Lack of Differentiation

Many people see all members of the same profession being much the same.  This means that all lawyers are the same, all accountants are the same, etc. etc.

You know this is not true.

You also know that no one serves and satisfies clients the way that you do.

But how do you distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd of noisy competitors in your noisy marketplace?

Lack of Interest In Marketing

Most professionals whom I know would rather serve clients than look for new ones.

How can anyone be expected to market effectively when they really don’t even like the concept?

Lack of Marketing Know-How

If this issue is problematic for you, you can relax…it’s probably not your fault.

In all likelihood, your professional training and qualification included little if, any, helpful instruction is included in the education process.

To echo the comment above, how can anyone be expected to market effectively when they really don’t even like the concept?


Unlike those masterful sales people who can sell alcohol to teetotalers, I really don’t like selling.

And as a provider of personal and professional services, you probably don’t either.

Yes, marketing is more than just selling, but at the end of the day, nothing happens until a sale is made.


In today’s high tech, Internet-connected world, tech savvy geeks thrive; technoklutzes like me (and maybe you) struggle. 

Understanding the latest software application can be problematic enough…without trying to figure out the marketing application.

Too Many Experts

The good news about our Internet-connected world is that we can now access more information about more topics than one could have ever imagined.

The bad news is that there is just too much information spread by too many experts.

And what makes this proliferation of experts especially problematic, is that many are under- or self-qualified with others are overqualified or otherwise irrelevant for our purposes.

How do we find and qualify the right expert for our needs?

Too Many Marketing Options

Along with there being too many experts from which to make a meaningful choice, we also face a plethora of marketing options.

These options range from simple print media like handouts and flyers to sophisticated websites and interactive sales funnels.

Once again, how can we make the best and right choices to meet our individual needs?

Too Much Competition

And last but not least, there’s just too much competition.

Too many competitors, whether qualified or not, are chasing the same potential clients as you are.

How can we distinguish ourselves and stand out in a noisy crowded marketplace?

Your Turn

You can probably identify more factors and issues that are marketing challenges.

For present purposes, the above list will suffice.

Based on your experience and observation, what is the most common single challenge of marketing your personal or professional services?

Feel free to add your suggestion by way of comment below. 

Depending on the actual responses I may offer prizes for the top 3-4 comments.

But regardless of your comment and any other that are posted, check back tomorrow. 

At that time I will introduce one thing that you can do to improve your marketing and generate more new business.

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