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Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on July 05, 2022

Happy July!

Not to rain on your summer plans … but how is that flow of new business coming along?

How close is the flow of new business to your marketing plan for 2022?

If at this halfway point of the year, you are on track to achieve your marketing goals…congratulations. 

Hopefully, you can ease off for a bit and enjoy the best of what summer has to offer.

If however, you don’t yet have the flow of new business that you want and deserve … I totally understand how you feel.

And more than just sympathizing with you, I’d like to help you generate that sustainable flow of new business that eludes so many self-employed professionals.

We All Hit The Same Wall

Sooner or later, most service-providers experience a slowdown in the inflow of new business. 

For some, this happens once the excitement of going out on their own starts to fade. 

Others hit this point when the low hanging fruit is gone … when there are no more ready referrals from family, friends and close associates.

And for still others, the problem arises when the carry-over momentum from their previous work disappears.

Regardless of the actual timing or explanation, we all hit the same wall:
few if any new clients and even less new business.

When I hit my own 'no-new-business' wall, my immediate response was that I needed to learn more about marketing.

So I signed up for continuing educationcourse in marketing offered by a nearby university.

Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, after a few classes my marketing anxiety had risen a couple of levels.

As interesting as the content was, it had zero relevance to marketing services. 

Had I been interested in marketing consumer goods, the course would have been perfect.

Frustrated by the failure of the course to help me learn about marketing services, I blamed the instructor for not knowing the difference between products and services.

Then it hit me: most marketing information and education is about, or based upon, marketing tangible products.

And not only that, most marketing theories and concepts focus on promoting and selling standardized, mass produced goods and commodities.


That was exactly why marketing was causing me so much trouble. 

It's also why hitting the 'no-new-business' wall is not totally your fault.  

And believe it or not, there is actually good news associated with hitting this wall.

It does not mean that your dream of a developing and running a successful service business is over.

Nor does it mean that you will never succeed.

A New Opportunity To Build A Better Business

Experiencing a slowdown in the inflow of new business is a wake-up call.

It tells us that something is not working. 

It also offers the opportunity to move on from the problems of the past and start something new.

Even better, it represents a new opportunity to build a better business.

And what’s best of all is that if as a service provider, you have hit your 'no-new-business' wall, it's probably not your fault.

Why It's Not Your Fault

Reflecting on my experience in marketing services, there seems to be two main reasons why hitting your 'no-new-business' wall is probably not your fault.

First and foremost, the organizations that provided your formal education or training failed to provide you with the appropriate knowledge about finding clients for your service. 

It's kinda like they trained you to be wonderful guru sitting on a mountain top, but didn't tell you how to help wisdom-seekers find their way to your perch.

Remember, it's not always true that if you build it they will come.

And secondly, people and organizations that teach marketing are not always aware of the difference between marketing products and marketing services.

Like the teacher of the marketing course that I took, they probably do a good job of teaching what you need to know about marketing mass produced consumer goods.

Without a doubt, your services are unique to you.

No one else serves clients exactly the same way that you do. 

And every one of your clients receives customized services, personalized to meet their own individual needs and wants.

Obviously, the standardized, mass market approach to marketing products is
unsuitable for marketing your specialized services.

To generate the new business that you need, want and deserve, you need the best strategies for marketing services.

Marketing 101 For Service Professionals

A couple of years ago, I created The Best Authentic Marketing Strategies for Service Professionals to address this need.

This is a 12-lesson video course with over $100 worth of valuable bonuses.

To make this content more accessible to more professionals, I have repurposed the lessons as a monthly subscription plan entitled Marketing 101 For Service

This plan is ideal for self-employed service-providers who want ... and deserve more new business ... but need some help with their marketing.

If you would like to generate more new business as naturally and effectively as you serve and satisfy clients, this plan will help you.

And if you care as much as about the impact that you have on your clients' lives as you do the income that you generate for yourself, this program will align with how you normally do things.

In effect, it will help you learn what you need to know to apply the best strategies for
marketing your services: referrals, networking, contacting strangers and keeping in touch with contacts and clients

I plan to launch the plan later this month.

As part of the launch, I would like some feedback from the folks who will benefit most from the plan: self-employed service-providers. 

And by way of thanking people like you for your opinion, I’m offering $416 worth of free training.

Long story short: if you would like some help generating more new business and also $416 worth of free training … check out my offer.

I look forward to helping you generate more of that new business that you want … and deserve.


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