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The 25 Ways To Get More Business Without Wasting Time/Money

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on July 06, 2022

Invariably, making a change, such as generating more new business, includes replacing some ineffective actions with more effective actions.

As we grow our businesses, our individual marketing practices continue to grow and evolve, reflecting our own unique approaches to generating more new business.

In effect, these unique approaches include an uncommon mix of effective and ineffective marketing activities.

If you are not generating the new business that you want, the most likely cause is doing too many ineffective things … and not enough effective things.

Here are 25 actions that you can take to generate more new business for your service business.

1.      Ask For What You Want

2.      Attract Ideal Clients

3.       Become More Mindful

4.       Compelling Reason For Ideal Clients To Choose You

5.      Continuous Improvement

6.      Cultivate Your Go-To Support Team

7.      Customize Third-Party Solutions

8.      Deliver Memorable Client Experiences

9.      Do What You Do Best, Delegate The Rest

10.   Gather As Much Accurate Relevant, Information As Possible

11.  Guarantee Client Satisfaction

12.  Keep In Touch

13.  Listen Carefully

14.  Listen More Than You Talk

15.  Live Your Passion, Purpose & Vision

16.  Market Authentically

17.  Open Your Mind To Change

18.  Personal Branding

19.  Reach out To Strangers Strategically & Effectively

20.  Share Helpful Information

21.  Showcase Your Best Self

22.  Trust Your Intuition

23.  Under-promise and Over-deliver

24.  Use Storytelling To Help Educate Your Audience

25.  Value-Based Pricing

The above list was triggered by a series of articles that that I wrote back in May.

These articles addressed 25 things to stop doing if you want to generate more business for your service business.

Given that I prefer positive actions to those that are negative, it only made sense to identify a corresponding list of 25 things to start doing.  That’s how theabove list came about.

But as is often the case, the final step in one process is the first step in the next.

Having completed my list of 25 things to start doing and spread it over five articles, it seemed to me that by ending the process there would probably result in 25 missed opportunities.

So I decided to dive deeper into the 25 constructive actions by preparing a separate lesson for each one.

The end result is: E-25: 25 Essential Actions forService Professionals To Generate More New Business

25 Essential Actions for Service Professionals To Generate More New Business

All things considered, a monthly subscription with twice-monthly lessons was the ideal format.

To be launched later this month, the plan will help any self-employed service-provider generate more new business.

As part of the launch, I would like some feedback from the folks who will benefit most: self-employed service-providers. 

And by way of thanking people like you for your opinion, I’m offering $416worth of free training.

Long story short: if you would like some help generating more new business and also $416 worth of free training … check out my offer.

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The E-25: 25 Essential Actions for Service Professionals To Generate More New Business

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I look forward to helping you generate more of that new business that you want … and deserve.

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