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So … What Story Does Your Personal Brand Tell?

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on August 12, 2022

Developing and maintaining an original personal brand is about as simple as it’s possible to be: be genuine and authentic.

According to Monica Lin, Internet personality and marketing director at Popular Demand, a Los Angeles-based clothing brand says “People can see right through a disingenuous act.”

It’s Easier To Tell The Truth

The more obvious it that one brand is copying another, the more the audience will recognize and call out the copycat.

My father used to claim that it was easier to tell the truth than to tell lies because you didn’t have to remember the lies you told and who you told them to.

Although he knew little about personal branding, his advice was as relevant to the concept as it was about living one’s life.

Ensuring that your personal brand reflects your own best stuff will make it easier to manage your marketing on a daily basis.

It will help you create content that connects with your target audience, attracts more ideal clients and generates more new business.

In effect, it helps your audience understand who you are and how you help clients.

 As Justin Wu,  growth marketer & Information Architect advises:

“Be a master of your craft, skillset or industry before starting a personal brand.
Then your content will help amplify who you are.”  

(Source: Justin Lu)

If you’re deeply skilled in your area of service, your personal reputation and professional credibility will help you build your own distinctive brand.

In effect, your brand story is the story of what differentiates you from the competition and how this distinctiveness benefits clients.

In telling your brand story, there is really only one rule for good writing: show, don'ttell.

It means that in order to convince your readers, make sure to demonstrate what you offer with details. But before you add detailed information, you have to clarify what you want to convey in your story.

This process starts with a clear purpose, then building content around that purpose to help readers become engaged  with your story.

Once ce you have a clear purpose, develop content that benefits the target community.

“When we develop authentic content for our clients, we do lots of research to build
cultural footprint to understand what’s happening in their target community and
where we can provide value,”
(Source: Trevor
Guthrie, co-founder of agency Giant Spoon)

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Don’t Use Personal Branding To Distinguish Yourself!

The same features of personal branding that distinguishes you from competitors can also help improve most, if not all, aspects of your marketing.

In this article, you will lean how personal branding can help focus and filter
content for best results.

What Does Your Brand (Or Your Service) Promise?

Among the many benefits of Personal Branding is that it helps us maintain a clear focus in world that is frequently chaotic and confusing.

In this article, you will learn how to define your key message and stick to it.

Your Turn

Without a doubt, authentic brand stories help you build emotional connections with

Clients are instinctively drawn to brands that are considered more authentic than their competitors.  

Given those short comments,

What is your brand story?

How effectively does your brand story back to the target audience?

How can your brand win?

Echoing the suggestion from the brand promise article, if your brand story isn’t connecting as effectively as you would like, you might check out How Personal Branding Generates More New Business.

This video course will help you learn what you need to know to develop the story of
you serve and satisfy clients.

And in the FREE laser coaching  which is included for a limited time, we can rework and refine your brand story to your satisfaction.

Let’s create that compelling brand story that will help you generate more of hose
ideal clients that you want … and deserve.

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