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Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on July 07, 2022

Regardless of source, referrals offer rich benefits.

People who have been referred to us are pre-qualified leads.

 In effect, referrals are also third-party recommendations and as such are believable endorsements.

Potential clients tend to accept them as more objective and trustworthy than
they do paid advertising and promotional material.

 Given their importance in generating new clients for a service provider, referrals represent the ideal starting point for this and future courses about marketing services.

Before getting into this lesson, there is one other important thing to keep in mind.

 Generating referrals is not a quick-fix solution to be applied when the flow of new business starts to slow.

 It’s an ongoing process, like eating and breathing. Eventually it will become an automatic process that you don’t even have to think about any more.

Now that I’ve introduced the topic of referrals, how would you like a free video lesson to learn more?

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of Referrals
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If free is good, two freebies are better than one.

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