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May I Have Your Opinion … For $416?

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on June 28, 2022

I am in the process of launching something new  … and would like your opinion.

Specifically, I would like to know what you like … and don’t like .. about the new initiatives.

But instead of just asking for you to to give me your opinion, I would prefer to give you something in return for your time and feedback. 

How would you like $416 worth of free services in return for your opinion?

And that’s in addition to whatever benefit you receive from trying out the services.

2 New Marketing Training Programs

I have recently launched two new marketing training programs on Subkit, a platform that helps regular everyday people go solo and achieve work independence on their own terms.

One program …Marketing 101 For Service Professionals… is ideal for self-employed service-providers who want ... and deserve more new business ... but need some help with their marketing.

If you would like to generate more new business as naturally and effectively as you serve and satisfy clients, this program will help you

The other program …The E-25: 25 Essential Actions for Service Professionals To Generate More New Business … will benefit any self-employed service provider who wants more new business.

I have now completed the first five lessons of each program and plan to launch both programs in the middle of July.

And that’s when you become part of the process.

Your Role

In a nutshell, your role is to try out one or both of these programs … for FREE … and let me know what you think.

In your role, you will:

1.      Sign up for the waitlist for one or both programs;

2.      Complete the survey that you will receive on joining the waitlist

3.      Participate in the first session of either or both courses within a week of availability

4.      Complete the session evaluation

The survey and evaluation ae not so much about gathering information as they are inviting your collaboration on shaping each of these two new services.

Your FREE Services, Value: $416

And by way of thanking you for your opinion, I will give you another $416 worth of free services.

These services will take the form of free access to the 6-lesson video course A Simple SWOT Analysis For More New Business.

This course will help you learn what you need to know to address your business growth issues as easily and effectively as you serve and satisfy clients.

In addition to the video lessons, this course includes:

·      A do-it-yourself marketing assessment that you can use as long as you run your business

·      New Beginnings & New Opportunities, a book that I wrote at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to help service businesses survive the pandemic. The content is as useful at this stage as it was at the beginning of the pandemic

·      How to Achieve Better Marketing Results Sooner, a short 10-lesson eBook based program will help you learn more about many of the concepts addressed in New Beginnings & New Opportunities.

·      More Business For Your Business: Enhanced content originally designed as an MBA-level program, this 8-session program will help you develop an in-depth understanding of the essential elements of marketing services.

The only condition to this offer is the limited number of participants.

This means that to be among the limited number of participants sign up now to position yourself to grab that free service.

To learn more about the new services, see:

Authentic Marketing For Service Professionals Subscription Plans

The E-25: 25 Essential Actions for Service Professionals To Generate More New Business

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Marketing 101 For Service Professionals

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