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Live Experiences Boost Brand Engagement

Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on August 30, 2022

Isn’t it great to be enjoying live experiences again?

Sure, the pandemic-driven shift to Zoom and other streaming platforms made it possible for some form social interaction to continue. 

Given the pandemic restrictions, it was almost like being there live. 

Almost but not quite.

In most cases, nothing beats live experiences.  This is certainly true of music,
food and.... brands.

I had never made the connection between live experiences and brands until I read Live Experiences Reinvent the Way Customers Interact With Brands, a blog post by Natalya Minkovsky.

As Natalya explains:

"… attending branded live experiences drives 65% of people to recommend the brand and 59% to buy it at retail afterwards – more than any other type of brand experience.
“In CMI’s most recent research, 81% of B2B marketers and 73% of B2C marketers cite live events as one of their content marketing tactics and B2B marketers rate it as the most effective tactic (75%), while B2C marketers rate live events as the second-most effective tactic (67%).”
(Source Natalya Minkovsky)

Live Experiences and Marketing Services

Once the connection was made between live experiences and branding, the application for service professionals was immediately obvious. 

What about the massage therapists offering free mini-massages at special events...or professionals of one type or another offering free opinions and advice at trade shows?

These live experiences are great opportunities to showcase our professional expertise and personal likability, make new contacts and generate new leads.

Connections & Marketing Professional Services

As human beings, we share the intrinsic need to connect & be part of something
bigger than ourselves.

We can connect with any or all of other people, animals, nature, things and from a
marketing perspective, product and professional brands.

Our connections can be few or many, strong or weak, local or global and so on. We
can keep our connections private of go public, wearing group, club or team colors and insignia.

Given the reality of connections in our lives, it's important to keep in mind the role
that connections play in marketing professional services.

Regardless of whether or not we are aware of it, clients, referral sources and indeed the marketplace itself are already connected to our brand.

It is this connection that encourages past and current clients to return for more help.

It's also what reassures network contacts and referral sources that they can confidently refer and recommend potential clients to us.

How Does The Marketplace See Your Brand?

Since there already is a connection with your brand at play in the marketplace, the
question arises, how does the marketplace see your brand?

If you don't know, find out.

Given the reality of this connection it only makes sense to ensure the total alignment of what we want our brands to communicate and what the audience actually believes.

Once assured of this alignment, we can leverage this connection to facilitate the
interconnection between and among individual members of the target audience.

Stronger Connections Engage Your Target Audience Better

Social media accounts and groups can help supportive clients connect and interact with each other.

Assuming that group members are satisfied with your services, your online groups can evolve into user-groups from which will come testimonials, recommendations, referrals and more repeat business.

By strengthening the connection with our target audience, we will also increase
the level of engagement.

This higher engagement will increase the likelihood that our audience will take action we want them to take.

In other words, a strong connection with the target audience will lead to increased
participation in your marketing and improved performance of your marketing.

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