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Larry Easto
Larry EastoPublished on June 29, 2022

Yesterday I offered $416 worth of services as a thank you gift for your opinion on two new service initiatives.

By way of supplementary information, here are some of the benefits that you can expect from these initiatives.

Subscription Plans

Both initiatives are marketing training programs set up as subscription plans here on Subkit

Training will be delivered twice monthly as emails directly to your in-box.

The instructional content in Marketing 101 For Service Professionals will take the form of short video lessons.

Lessons in the other program 25 Essential Actions forService Professionals To Generate More New Business will be in text format.

Once you have received each session, you can download andsave the content for repeat and future use forever.

This means that as circumstances change, you can review relevantinstructional content to refresh your understanding of key concepts.

No need to reinvent the wheel…just tweak the way you dothings. 

How much time and money will that save, not to mentionreduced stress?  

Apply What You Learn

Each session in both programs include self-study questions and exercises to help you draw your own conclusions and apply what you learn.

In effect, this will result in your customizing key concepts to reflect your unique circumstances.

And even better, generate more new business … and do it your way. 

How great will that feel?

Group Support

Just because your service business may be small, it doesn’t mean that can’t draw upon the support of like-minded service professionals.

Each program will have its own dedicated LinkedIn group, open only to subscribers.

These groups will offer subscribers the opportunity to ask and answer questions as well as share observations.

On your own but not alone…the best of both worlds.

Monthly Office Hours

Once the programs launched, I will conduct monthly office hours, live and online. 

These office hours offer the opportunity to ask anything about any aspect or element of a specific program. 

Ideally, the office hours will clarify any unresolved questions and issues from the support group.

In designing these two programs, my intention was to maximize the learning potential while minimizing logistical hassle and time required for participants.

While I’m satisfied with the outcome, I recognize there is always room for improvement…and that’s why I want your opinion.

To check out the new programs and start developing your opinion, see

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