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Authentic Marketing For Service Professionals

Larry Easto
Toronto, ON, Canada

Although I never recognized it until I was an adult, I’ve always loved to learn.

Whether serving clients as a lawyer, consultant, writer, educator or coach, learning and helping others learn were common essential elements.

Eventually it became obvious that both sides of the learning equation would become my primary focus, rather than an added value.

After repurposing existing content into eBooks, the next step was to create video lessons.

A single video class led to larger, more robust video courses, which included hundreds of dollars’ worth of value-addedbenefits to each course offering.

Rich as each course is, there is just too much information for busy people to process.

Happily, the Subkit platform offers a viable alternative to the TMI issue.

And what’s even better, it’s an ideal format for sharing our experience, helping others learn from what experience has taught us.

Happy to tell you about my experiences in marketing professional services--even happier to hear about yours.

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