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Davina Hehn
Las Vegas, NV, USA

I started my education with the intention of practicing traditional therapy. I achieved a Master of Arts degree in Forensic & Counseling Psychology and found it wasn't what I was passionate about. I knew I wanted to be an agent of change and impact my clients positively. I began taking an inventory of my own life and soon discovered many of us have not been guided effectively in how to express ourselves and manage conflict. My partner and I also started our family and quickly recognized the challenges and communication breakdown no one prepared us for!

I'm a Communication & Anger Management Specialist. I work with partners, co-parents, individuals, and families looking to resolve conflict and find ways to express themselves without causing collateral damage (others' feelings!). Oftentimes we expect ourselves and others to be able to verbalize our needs, but if we aren't taught how to do so effectively, it can breed anger and resentment and cause those relationships to end. My focus is on prevention and repair, getting us to a point where we can speak assertively and set necessary boundaries in order to foster deeper connections with ourselves and those around us.

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