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Why we chose to sell Nostalgia

Ashley Wong
Ashley Wong Published on April 15, 2022

As a child, summers spent with my Nana were always such a special time for me because she lived far away. I didn’t see her often, and her cooking always made me feel loved. I remember our family would make the 6 hour drive to Southern California where she lived.

Once we arrived, Nana would have a myriad of baked goods and meals already prepared for us. I vividly remember walking into her kitchen and smelling the sweet aromas of fresh baked cinnamon rolls, apple turnovers and 7 up cake. Nana and I spent countless hours in her kitchen baking together. We talked, laughed and I learned secret family recipes, which I still continue to bake to this day.

I knew that when I started my own business I wanted to serve comforting, high quality desserts because those were the kinds of foods I grew up with. I wanted to share those same feelings of comfort, belonging, and warmth that my Nana’s cooking provided me. That is why I chose to incorporate these recipes into my business and sell nostalgia. I hope that my Nostalgic Sweets subscription boxes provide you with those same feelings of comfort, love and warmth fresh baked goods can bring.

I hope that with each bite you are brought back to your own nostalgic moment. You can sign up anytime to our subscription to get a taste of our nostalgia that will leave you looking forward to the next box. Bringing you a taste of nostalgia, one box at a time.

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