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Nostalgic Sweets For You!

Ashley Wong
Ashley Wong Published on March 24, 2022

Hello Bay Area, welcome to Ashley Wong Sweets!

We are so excited to have you here. We're so happy to announce that we will be offering a Nostalgic Sweets Subscription Plan. We had you in mind when we designed our ongoing membership. When was the last time you had a sweet treat that brought you back to your childhood? A time your grandma, or mom, or aunt made you something and it will forever remind you of them? Look no further because that is exactly what we're offering in our monthly subscription box.

There will be fresh cinnamon rolls that are sure to delight your day along with fresh baked cookies and a cake pop to finish it all off. These treats will bring you to a time of pure joy as they're not only addictively delicious, but made with love.

Your subscription will include: 4 cinnamon rolls, 4 fresh baked cookies that will rotate in flavor each month along with 4 rotating flavored cake pops. With each changing season, we will have new flavors for you to try! All subscriptions are available for pick up only at the moment, you save when you subscribe and you can cancel anytime!

We hope you join us and look forward to bringing you comforting sweets. So hop on over to our ordering page to sign up (maybe even grab one for a friend who would enjoy this as much as you!)

While you're signing up, you can also look us up on Instagram and follow our page to stay up to date on all of our delights, as well as seeing all of our custom creations we make for all occasions.

Ashley Wong Sweets Subscription Plans

Ashley Wong Sweets Monthly Pick-up Box

$35 /month

I look forward to meeting you all when you pick up your nostalgic sweets and I hope to create memories for you and your loved ones month after month.


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