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Celebrating 4 Years!

Ashley Wong
Ashley Wong Published on June 17, 2022

We’re coming upon our 4 year anniversary as a business and we’ve accomplished so much! When I look back at how our business first started I’m in awe. From making pop-up appearances at the Holiday and Christmas Boutiques and vending for companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple, from being hit by a pandemic and coming out on the other side thriving to being a Pastry chef  featured on Season 7 of  Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championships, we are so proud of how much we’ve been able to achieve in such a short amount of time. We look forward to the future and the endless possibilities that await us.

To those that have been with us from the beginning, thank you for being a part of this journey and for entrusting us to make your special moments and milestones more memorable. To those who have recently joined, thank you for signing up for our nostalgic sweets box. We hope to continue to serve you. And to our subscribers, thank you for being a loyal subscriber month after month.

We attribute our success to each and every one of you! We hope that with each bite, you are brought back to your own nostalgic moment. Bringing you a taste of nostalgia, one box at a time.

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