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Argona PartnersPublished on August 20, 2022

Unlocks the Key to Scaling Mindfulness to the Next Level

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Mindfulness can be a difficult thing to practice in our modern era of Doordashing meals to watch our favorite horror movies on dark nights at home. Everything is available instantly to keep us busy; so busy, in fact, that we often find ourselves living in the past or in the future with skyrocketing epidemics of depression and anxiety. Some tech companies have come about to help remedy this for the average consumer, but some people want and need to go further down the mindfulness path.

Introducing SkillfulMeans, run by CEO Dr. William Jackson. William is building a marketplace platform for meditation enthusiasts and experts to connect, learn, and thrive together where simpler mindfulness introduction softwares and communities are not enough.

As a former Buddhist monk turned Psy.D., William has a unique approach to mindfulness that helps those who are committed get to the next level of mindfulness - carrying their inner peace with them into everyday life instead of just feeling it when meditating.

SkillfulMeans coaching and programs are based on the psychology research behind acceptance and commitment (ACT) therapies which shows when we identify and commit to moving towards reasonable outcomes we want to achieve in our lives. This results in reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms in addition to creating positive change in our lives.

Argona is currently helping advisory and mentorship through early stage traction development, fundraising material & campaign development, and Go-To-Market Strategy.

- Reached 200k in course sales on our mindfulness marketplace - MVP

- Being accepted into the NewChip accelerator

- $200k in course sales

- 200 community members

- 6 Pro mindfulness teachers

- Currently raising 1.7 million for a 25 month runway

Interested in learning more? Contact William Jackson

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