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Arganissima New York

Siham Elanmati
New Jersey, USA

"A person's beauty is a treasure and must be cherished to the fullest".

Two components are key to everyone's beauty and those are both skin and hair; to keep both healthy, I have been using a miracle exotic elixir ever since being a little girl.I grew up in Morocco, a mystical and exotic charming land with many treasures unique to this exquisite destination.I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to the miracle liquid native to this spot and region on earth that can't be found anywhere else in the world.A product of a beautiful tree that grows in the southwest "Sous Valley" and desert regions of the country.A thorny tree that produces an almond like nut rich of a unique oil with unique health and skin benefits, the Argan tree.In the summer the tree nuts are harvested and gently roasted and grounded to generate a paste that is then squeezed by hand to extract the essential oil.As a little girl, I grew up using this oil for both culinary and cosmetic purposes and it has kept both my skin and hair growing healthy.Often times, people complimented, even stopped and asked me about my secret formula for a beautiful hair and skin and that is when it dawned on me that it would be great to share it with the rest of you thus the inception of my brand " Arganissima New York" and yes, if you are wondering about the name, simply, the word is hybrid comprised of " Argan" and "Issima (my short for Belissima= Beautiful)" translated to  Argan-beautiful and I want you to look and feel Arganissima Beautiful.Of course there are many products in the market place and the name of Argan Oil can be found in many shelves as plenty of companies are marketing their products highlighting Argan Oil or  Moroccan Oil and its value, I even personally tried a few but unfortunately, none worked or felt like the original natural products I grew up with, so what I simply did was go to the source and partner with the best producers and resources in the country working with the local cooperatives producing only the best freshly harvested and produced for your own pleasure with your beauty in mind.  Everyone deserves to have a clear and beautiful skin as well as a gorgeous strong and healthy hair.So why not you? It is never too late to enjoy the effects of my miracle secret and exotic products, so  please check out my collection and variety of organic products straight from the source. ​"YOUR BEAUTY IS MY DUTY" ​Enjoy!Yours sincerely,​Sam (Siham) B. ElanmatiCo-Founder and CEO

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