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Anjna Brahmbhatt
Anjna BrahmbhattPublished on August 23, 2022

Last week one lady reiki master came for a treatment going through some short of life style change with down sizing. she had lots of tension and stress. I got some inner guidance about her chakras that her 2nd and 4th chakras needs more to affirm that, I checked her chakras and my intuition was correct. I gave her full body treatment and then asked her about her life came to know that she did not have any children. No surprise-- She had 2 weak feminine chakras.

I asked her to be more loving and kind to herself and others and not all the times doing doing doing. simply being and give permission to herself to enjoy life. giving everyday time to herself to do things that she loves to do for joy at least for half an hour. She understood it Her face brightened after treatment and went happily home

This is wonder of reiki. during treatment get lots of inner guidance to help them mentally and emotionally and help clients to help themselves by making changes in there life style for permanent results.

If you have any some such problem and want to have permanent result contact me for help

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