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Angelica Prather
Dacula, GA 30019, USA

My Story

Hello This is Angelica,

I was once in a place of being overworked and not making a real profit, but in 2015 a shift took place as I was becoming a mother. My body was changing whether I liked it or not and so was my mindset. I knew I could no longer spend countless hours behind the chair and I needed to increase my profit while working less so I could enjoy my new bundle of joy. This is the one thing most entrepreneurs struggle with. I’m here to help you make that same shift I made 6 years ago.

My Background

I worked as a hair stylist for over 17 years. I am currently the co-founder of Robyn Laurél Haircare Products, a Certified Cosmetologist Educator, 8 years as a salon owner, and 6 years as an educator. I love doing hair just as much as I love teaching, so merging the two passions was definitely a no brainer. The goal is to bring unity to a diversified beauty industry.

My Mission

My mission is to help you run your business and not let it run you. Step into a CEO entrepreneurial game, and create the FINANCIAL FREEDOM for yourself. I am dedicated to to helping people get off the struggle bus and build an established business, restructure how they charge for services, build a system of continuous cash flow, work less and increase their income by following my developed blueprint through my signature program Charge Your Worth Academy.

I know the struggle of building a successful business behind the chair and it could be lonely but I have built my successful business from the ground up with community! No more doing business alone.


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