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Visibility Coach Andrea (On-Dree-Ah)

Andrea Cameron
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Visibility Coaching is for smart and savvy professionals and business owners who know who they are and have yet to represent that externally with what they do, say and wear.

The online world, business in general and the fashion industry provide us with so many distractions, keeping us in a perpetual state of consumption. With so much coming at us, it can be a real challenge to allow ourselves the gift of showing up authentically and standing out from the crowd simply for being ourselves.

When we take the time to fully understand who we are and how we want to convey that to the rest of the world, we show up as our whole selves, decisions come much quicker and clothing becomes the communication tool that it is.

Visibility coaching will give you the confidence and comfort you need to show up in a way that is authentic to you, while keeping you accountable! When we show up authentically, the right people find us and we are able to connect on a deeper more meaningful level and make a big impact.

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