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Amy Kaufman
Amy KaufmanPublished on August 02, 2022

Good morning everyone.  Happy Tuesday.  I used to love to read.  I went through an intense reading period taking frequent trips to the library (remember those?) to check out books on a variety of topics.  Life got busy, (you know how that goes) and the internet allowed you to research and read just about anything you could think of not making curbing my desire to return to the library.  

I read for two main reasons.  To be entertained and to learn.  While reading certainly enhances one's knowledge it does not give you wisdom.  Wisdom is an entirely different thing.

Today's quote is, "Having knowledge does not mean you have wisdom - one is gained from books while the other is gained through life and time and experience."  It's interesting to me how people of a certain age are no longer valued in the workplace and in our society in general when these are the people who have both knowledge and wisdom. 

Understand the difference between the two.  Having knowledge on a multitude of topics is easily gained and a wonderful addition to your existing repertoire.  Having wisdom takes time and years to acquire and cannot be found in any library.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! ~Love, Amy

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