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Michelle Lin
Florida, USA

Having owned multiple successful businesses, in sectors ranging from education to retail to hospitality, I now strive to help others succeed. During my time studying at Cornell University, I became intrigued by the unparalleled structure and the fast-paced environment and growth of various businesses. After graduating, my passion and desire to learn about and help businesses in various industries led me to becoming a consultant.​

My goal is to help your business achieve its greatest potential. I provide a wide range of services catered towards helping each and every business thrive. Whether it’s marketing, business analysis, strategic management, etc. – I am here for my clients.

​I understand that business can be challenging; my objective is to ease this challenge and to make managing and growing your business easier and more sustainable.​

If you would like to learn more about my consulting services, please reach out to me. I look forward to taking on and solving any and every challenge you face.  

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