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Divine Union and Book Writing Guide

Your Divine Union

Acacia Lawson
Acacia LawsonPublished on July 11, 2022

Your Divine Union begins within you.

As with everything that you attract in your life, your person/Divine partner can only show up on the level at which you have met yourself.

That means the shadow parts and the light parts of you.

That means you’ve healed your trauma, you’ve transmuted the pain into love, you’ve integrated your shadows, and you hold/love your inner child.

Working on all of that signifies that you are 100% committed -> to loving yourself and fulfilling your mission.

It means you focused all of your energy on you and what you needed; on what you came here for – your soul missions.

And now it’s time.


It’s time to start creating a new reality with your beloved.

It’s time to focus the energy together.

To be a living example of a true sacred, divine union.

To be more powerful and focused, together.

Because you’re ready - for hieros gamos.


Hieros gamos (divine union) in the physical 3D literally reflects your relationship to your inner divine feminine and masculine. To your relationship with god source.


Your soul knows.

You are ready.

It is time.


I’m here to assist the true Divine Unions here on earth.

They are needed now.

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