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Divine Union and Book Writing Guide

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Acacia Lawson
Acacia LawsonPublished on July 18, 2022

My spirit guides (who guide me frequently in my business, life and health) asked me to get really clear on my message at 3am one morning last winter.

They said, “Acacia, stop messing around.”

Unsure of where this conversation would go, I replied, “Ok.”

They said, “You went to earth to have many missions. One of your main missions is to embody the Christ Sophia template (Hieros Gamos). You help others get into Divine Union so that they can plug into the true twin flame template and get on their true organic timeline from god and co-create with their soul partner. Stop messing around.”

So here I am. No more messing around.

I no longer offer this as a side effect of working with me.

When you work with me 1 to 1, we will get you into Divine Union alignment for your person to show up in the physical (3D) world.

 This is the most important period (I would say most energetically aligned years!) right now for divine unions, power couples, true supportive and loving partnerships to rise up.


I have done this in my own life.

I aligned myself, my energy, to my king in July 2020 and he showed up in my
online world in September 2020.

We were married in October 2021 in a glorious wedding in Scotland.

I will guide you in doing this for yourself.


No more messing around.

No more games.

No more denying that a true Divine partnership or marriage is what you want.

If you are ready to consciously create your person in this realm, in the physical, let’s get this party started!


We’re on the fast track, baby.

We are bringing true love, romance and joy back into the world.


Another part of bringing the joy and freedom back to this world is also assisting new writers in the book writing process.

All of us have at least one book in us - but the question is whether we will have the courage to write and publish it!

I'm here to also guide you in the book writing process, to help you overcome any energetic blocks and obstacles, and to motivate as well as give you structure and keep you accountable.

Let's do this!

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