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Absorb Skincare

Kelly Gray
Austin, TX, USA

Kelly Gray, an esthetician, founded Absorb Skincare after 15 years of working in the esthetics field, hundreds of hours of classes, and many certifications. Her love for learning about ingredients and their effects on the skin was one of her passions from the beginning. Kelly was always drawn to holistic skincare practices and the more she learned about the benefits of organic and wildcrafted ingredients, her passion for them grew. Each product from Absorb Skincare is infused with her passion. Absorb strives to make everything as eco friendly as possible and give back to the community. Absorb skincare was founded on the belief that everyone deserves healthy skin and believes in harnessing the power of plants to bring the skin the valuable vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids that the skin needs to maintain a healthy lipid barrier. All products are sent in reusable cosmetic bags or totes instead of boxes.

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